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Service Team of the Year (Nominated)

Citroen & DS Excellence Awards


Here we go again.  Autobase Citroen has been nominated for “Service team of the year” at the Citroen Excellence awards. Citroen & DS Excellence awards recognize and rewards the highest performing dealers.  The brand believes that performing dealer are part of their DNA and they always looks to make sure they do so in a way that is not just motivational, but also relevant.

Director of Autobase said  “Near the end of 2016, we revived our service team and injected a much needed energy to boost morale and performance.  The goal was simple, “Complete Customer Satisfaction”.  Taking that as an end goal, we made changes in our process and mainly our mindset and priorities.  Even though we have not reached the high standards we have set for ourselves but we feel proud of what we have achieved and Citroen recognizing and nominating us with an award is a testimony that we are delivering a performance worth rewarding.    Our customers also feel the same as we get constant feedback from our customers via calls, emails, Facebook and google reviews.  I want to thank my service department for working hard and delivering a great performance”  – Ali Allibhai, Director & Dealer Principal 

Awards will be given on the 22nd of February 2018.  Let’s hope we win again as we previously have.

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