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10 Top Tips To Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Granted, it's not like we need snow chains for everyday driving during the winter months in the UK but it still gets cold and icy. 

Winter can be a tough time for your car - freezing temperatures, heavy rain, ice, high winds and snow can all put your vehicle through its paces. The best way to combat the winter conditions is to take some time to check your car over and make sure everything is in order. But where do you start? Well, we would always recommend a Winter Check at Autobase for only £29.99, but if you would prefer to do this yourself, here are our 10 top tips:
- Check your tyres
- Check your car battery
- Clean your windows inside and out
- Check your liquid levels: screenwash, anti-freeze, coolant, oil, fuel
- Clean your lights
- Check your wiper blades
- Clear leaves from under your bonnet
- Consider fitting winter tyres
- Make sure there is a phone charger in your car
- Make a winter car survival kit (see below)

The first 8 points are all covered in our Winter Check, but for the winter survival kit, we would recommend the following:-

Store this stuff in your boot during the winter months, especially if a road trip is in your future:

* Warm clothes
* A warm blanket
* De-icer and scraper      
* Battery jump leads
* First aid kit
* Even a small shovel if you have room!
* A torch
* A portable charging device

To book your Winter Check at Autobase, simply call our team on 0121 568 3800.
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