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Should You Buy A Car Before Or After Brexit

Should You Buy A Car Before Or After Brexit?

Will we end up leaving with a deal? Will we leave with a 'no-deal Brexit'? Or will we even leave at all?  Since the 2016 referendum, the TWO most asked questions to our staff are... 'Should I buy a car before or after Brexit?' and 'How will a 'No Deal' exit affect buying a car?

Should I buy a car before or after Brexit? 

To answer this question, it's important to point out that we don't have a crystal ball and NOBODY knows what will happen after Brexit - regardless of a 'deal' or 'no deal' situation. So with this in mind, this leads us to a simple choice...
1) Take the gamble and wait until after Brexit.
2) Know exactly what you're paying for and purchase your vehicle before 31st October. 
It's really that simple! Another plus side of buying your vehicle now is that we have a number of fantastic pre-Brexit deals including a Citroen C1 for only £149 per month with one years free insurance* or an MG3 for just £149 per month.

How will a 'No Deal' exit affect buying a car?  

Again we can't see into the future. We can't be certain how a 'No Deal' Brexit will affect the car-buying industry, but many industry experts have predicted that a 'no deal' Brexit may result in an import duty tax being applied to EU-built cars, therefore directly affecting buyers.

Granted, this is hypothetical and we will be doing our utmost to make sure that Autobase customers are not hugely affected if there isn't a deal reached by the UK and the EU. However, it's important to prepare and to be knowledgeable about any tax implications that may affect you when purchasing a new car after Brexit.


As mentioned before, the real question is whether you are prepared to take a risk until after Brexit? Or, whether you would like the certainty of knowing exactly what you are getting pre-Brexit?

Certainty is the biggest benefit of purchasing a new vehicle now. At Autobase, we can guarantee that new vehicles ordered and registered before Brexit is set in motion will not be subject to any potential future tariffs or taxes. 
So, with this in mind, if you are considering purchasing a car in the near future, now could be the best time!
*Terms and conditions as well as age restrictions and deposit apply. Pleas contact our dealership for full details.
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