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MG Service Plans

What is a Service Plan?

A Service Plan allows customers to spread the cost of their servicing over a number of years, by paying a monthly direct debit. You can also pre-pay for your MG Service Plan in full, should you wish to do so.

What are the benefits?

• Convenience of fixed, small, manageable monthly payments
• Inflation proof servicing for the duration of the plan - pay for tomorrow’s maintenance at today’s prices
• Removes large bills - The cost of the package eliminates maintenance budgeting worries
• The work is always performed by certified technicians
• Follows manufacturers servicing schedule
• Timely service reminders can be sent via e-mail or text to handheld devices*
• Only factory-authorised parts and fluids are used
• No cancellation, or plan transfer, fees.

What are my options?

Our standard service plan covers our standard schedule service regime, set at 15,000 miles/12 months, giving you the option for peace of mind maintenance for up to 5 year/75,000 miles. 

However, for any new car registered from January 2021 (or vehicles less than a year old and under 10,000 miles before the first scheduled service), you have an additional option.  Our new Low Mileage Service Plan is capped at 10,000 miles per year and is aimed at customers who annually complete less than 10,000 miles. this therefore reduces the need to replace some components, which may not have deteriorated with mileage and can go to their anticipated age tollerance, and therefore makes the plan much more cost effective

What is included?

An MG Service Plan covers the replacement cost of all scheduled parts, including the labour cost.  Any items which at the time of servicing, your MG Dealer advises for replacement outside of the scheduled service items (e.g. brakes, tyres, wiper blades etc.) will be at an additional cost.

How do I take out a Service Plan?

An MG Service Plan can be set up by contacting us at Autobase. on 0121 568 3800 or visitng us at the dealership where a member of our Service team can talk you though it.

Servicing Plan FAQS

Standard Servicing schedules allow service components to go to their full expected usage term, by either age or mileage (whichever occurs sooner).  However, following an extensive look at MG owner's lifestyles, we have seen that a significant proportion of MG drivers complete far less than the 15,000 annual allowance set between services.

Therefore in January 2021, we have introduced a new 'Low Mileage Service Plan' aimed at extending the life of service items which don't deteriorate with time, but do deteriorate with mileage.

So by extending the time between changes - on some scheduled service items - this allows us to reduce the cost of maintenance across the range, and therefore offer a much more cost effective service plan, for owners covering less than 10,000 miles per annnum.

Also through product improvement, from 2021, we have also lengthened the time required for coolant changes across both Standard and Low Mileage service schedules; from 4 years to 5 years - again helping to reduce the maintenance cost over a vehicles' lifecycle.

A full breakdown of each vehicle's schedules can be found here.

And if you are still unsure which plan is suitable for you, please contact your local MG Dealer or Authorised Repairer to discuss your options.

The new Low Mileage Service Plan, (introduced January 2021), is suitable for:

  • New MG3 (18MY)
  • New MG ZS
  • MG ZS EV
  • MG5 EV
  • MG HS
  • MG HS Plug-In


At the point the plan is started, the car can be no older than 3 years old and must not have completed more than 30,000 miles.

If you own an MG, which has previously been serviced to the 15,000 Standard service regime (or has exceeded 10,000 miles per year at any stage), then the Low Mileage Service Plan would not be suitable and a Standard Service Plan can be purchased.

If you purchase a used car which has previously been serviced to the 15,000 Standard service regime, and has exceeded the 10,000 miles per year threshold at any stage, then even if you know that your annual mileage won't exceed 10,000 miles, the vehicle must continue on the Standard Servicing regime at 15,000 miles/12 months

  • Convenience of fixed, small, manageable monthly Direct Debits for the duration of the plan
  • Inflation proof servicing for the duration of the plan - pay for tomorrow’s maintenance at today’s prices
  • Removes large bills - The cost of the package eliminates maintenance budgeting worries
  • The work is always performed by MG Certified Technicians
  • Follows the MG servicing schedules
  • Only Genuine MG Parts are used

Easy, you have four options:

  • The easiest, is to complete the online form at the bottom of the Service Plan introduction page.
  • You can also speak to a member of staff at any MG Dealer or MG Authorised Repairer. 
  • If you wish to speak to someone at eDynamix (the provider of the MG Service Plan) you can call us 0345 413 5360
  • Finally you can email the team on, who will be happy to prepare a personal quotation for you.

Yes, to ensure there is enough money in the Service Plan to cover the first service the payments before that service will be higher than the future payments.

Alternatively you can pay a deposit on the Service Plan to ensure the payments are lower.

You can pay for the Service Plan upfront in one lump sum, or if you wish monthly by Direct Debit, you can pay monthly for the duration of the agreement.

Your Direct Debit will be collected on, or around, the 1st of each month.

Services will be due on your car every 15,000 miles or 12 months from date of first registrations (whichever occurs first), or if you have chosen one of our low mileage Service Plan options (from 2021), then every 12 months from the date of registration, totalling no more than 10,000 per year.  If in doubt, contact us.

By booking directly on this website. Click here to book your next service.

The MG Motor UK Service Plan is designed to cover our recommended servicing schedules.

For MG3 16MY this is every 1 year or 10,000, miles whichever comes first.

For MG3 18MY, MG5 EV, MG ZS, New MG ZS, MG ZS EV, MG HS, MG HS Plug-In, every 1 year or 15,000, whichever comes first.

From 2021 a new Low Mileage Service Plan has been introduced for new car customers, who travel less than 10,000 miles per year to reduce the cost of servicing, by extending the replacement schedules of certain items.  For more details on Service Schedules click here.

For Standard Service Plans:

If you exceed 15,000 miles sooner than 12 months, then you may need to speak with our Service Plan administrator, eDynamix.  You may have your monthly payments increased to cover the increased cost of finishing the plan sooner than expected.  Alternatively, at the time of service, you may be required to pay an additional top-up to cover any fund deficit against your plan.

For Low Mileage Service Plans (launched Jan 2021):

If you exceed 10,000 miles in a year, then the Low Mileage Service Plan and schedule isn't right for you; and you will need to call our Service Plan administrator, eDynamix.  They can then switch you onto the Standard Service Plan schedule, which may then require an increase in your monthly Direct Debit (or a pre-paid top up), to cover the additional servicing requirements.that come with the Standard Service Plan.

If our system administrators, eDynamix, are unable to collect one payment from your nominated bank account they will attempt to collect 2 payments at the next scheduled collection date.  If this isn’t possible, the Service Plan will be automatically cancelled by eDynamix.

eDynamix will email (if an email address has been provided) to advise that the collection has been unsuccessful, and the Service Plan cancelled after 2 failed collections.

Any fund defecit, will be required to be paid upon cancellation of the Service Plan.

If you buy a new MG then you can transfer the remaining balance on your existing Service Plan across to the agreement for the new car.

Alternatively, if you decide that your next car isn't an MG, then you can contact eDynamix to request a cancellation of the agreement, and a full refund of any funds available on your Service Plan.

Yes, you can. You can do so by contacting your local MG Dealer or Authorised Repairer, or by contacting our Service Plan administrator, eDynamix.

No, there are no cancellation fees.

You will however be expected to pay any shortfall on your account at the point you request to cancel. Alternatively, if there are funds owing to you at the point of cancellation, we will arrange to have these refunded back to you.

You can contact us or call us on 0121 568 3800, or our service plan administrators, eDynamix on or 0345 413 5360.

Customer Reviews

Have a really good relationship over all the years we have been buying new cars ,nothing to much trouble, Staff very friendly,just bought our first m g car, very pleased with it, thank you to all the staff ,

Stemac Mac

What a wonderful experience, I dont part with my money easily, but it was a sheer pleasure buying a new MG from this family owned company. It took me back 30 years to when you saw something that caught your eye, was treated with complete courtesy , walked into the dealership as a potential customer, walked out after doing a fair deal as a friend, Andy Beach, Alex and colleagues were great fun and VERY professional, go there folks, and a very big fat thanks from a very satisfied customer regards Rob

Rob Miles

A top class service, I thoroughly recommend.

Andrew Cunningham

Absolutely top notch, couldn't be happier. Customer service is second to none, don't be scared of main dealers !! Shout out to Louise and Ash, Fantastic, couldn't do enough for me, not to mention saving me an absolute fortune. Thank you !

Matty B from the black country

Absolutely best dealer ever had the pleasure to deal with when no one else could get me the car I wanted they pulled it out of the bag, Andy the sale manager is a true gent can't say enough about good the whole experience was, if you are looking for an MG or Citroen this place should be your first call.

Ed Kohut

recently bought a C3 Aircross from Autobase. The service was brilliant. I mainly dealt with Rheannah. Once I had paid the deposit the car was given an MOT and went through all the checks - the cost of this is paid for by the garage. A few days later I picked up my car fully MOT'd for a full year. I've had the vehicle for just over a week and I'm very happy with it. Would definitely recommend. 1

Mike Goble

Came in for a service and was greeted by a wonderfully polite Louise, she talked me through everything and really went above and beyond when they found the car hadn't had the necessary work required for a manufacturer recall twice!! Louise manged to sort out all the work needed I really can't thank Louise enough and the care she provided throughout

kellie millard

Just purchased my first ever brand new car off these guys. The service I recieved from there was second to none. Big thanks to Andy and rheannah the sales executives for making the process quick and easy. Really happy with my car and would definitely recommend this dealership in wednesbury for future purchases

Simone Mcgowan

Quite enjoyed the car buying process with Autobase. Not only their cars are competitively priced, Andy and Rhineana offered a ton of knowledge and technical/ financial advice. And at no point I feel any pressure to rush for a decision. Can't fault it.

Yong Lu

Had my MG EV serviced here, excellent staff kept my informed all the way and as well as washed and vac the car, they also charged it up for me as well. Felt like new afterwards

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